Chris Kalman

Chris Kalman, rock climber and writer, opens up about his experience with rock climbing, the influence his personal experiences had on his latest book, Dammed If You Don’t, and the role he plays in chilean non-profit organization, Friends of Cochamó.

In addition to putting up first ascents all over North and South America, Chris has publications in several magazines including Rock and Ice and Outside Magazine, he is a co-host for the American Alpine Club’s The Cutting Edge Podcast, and has recently published his third book Dammed If you Don’t.   On top of all this, Chis is a conservationist who sits on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Friends of Cochamó.

Photographed by Barbara O Photography 

Join us as we discuss “Dammed If You Don’t”, conservationism, and the impact – both positive and negative- that we have on our crags.  

“…A fictional story of a deeply-conflicted photographer who tries to save Lahuenco—a remote valley in Patagonian Chile—by showing the world how beautiful it is.

For information about Friends of Cochamó click here 

For Chris Kalman’s “Dammed If You Don’t” click here 

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Images by Barbara O Photography 

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  1. nice one! yes i am back and i got 20 new project in the lane Myself. kinda miss being on Wordprss!

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