Inclusivity in The Rock Climbing Community

After engaging in uncomfortable and sometimes unexplainable conversations in our local gym, Carrot suggested the idea to gather a forum of climbers from different parts of the world and communities. The prompt? To discuss those topics that are often ignored, but are of utter importance. After a few exchange of ideas, emails were sent.

A couple of days later, we were in awe with the panel that was put together. Wonderful, empowered, and accomplished ladies had accepted our invitation to discuss everything inclusivity (or lack thereof). As members of the outdoor community, we are prideful of the welcoming nature it offers. However, as gathered from our discussion, there are components that are often overlooked. Needless to say, conditions vary per country, where resources and culture play an important role in group dynamics.

Joining us are professional climbing photographer, Nikki Smith, managing director at Saudi Climbing and Hiking Federation, Yasmin Gahtani, founder of Climbing Life Kenya, Liz Ndindi, and competitive climber and Belarus Bouldering Champion, Valentina Chamiakina.

Tune in as we discuss inclusivity, acceptance, and the limitations existing within the rock climbing community. Guiding this conversation is our dear friend and former theDIHEDRAL podcast guest, Hehewutei “Cody” Amakali.

We hope you will enjoy listening in as much as we did, and of course this talk couldn’t have happened without our delightful and engaging guests.  

A huge THANK YOU for the time, effort, and honesty from Nikki, Liz, Yasmin, and Valentina.

We also want to thank you for listening/watching the show. You can find the interview on theDIHEDRAL Podcast Here, and listed on most podcasting platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.

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