Grivel Mega K6G

This is my favorite carabiner on the market.  The twin gate system makes clipping to your harness, the rope, or a belay device a snap.  You want to toss a clove hitch on a biner?  You won’t find a better alternative than the Mega K6G.  The same design can be found on some Grivel wire gates, but we’ll leave a discussion about those treats for another time.

Screw gate carabiners can be painful in the ice and cold, they are susceptible to sand and dirt, and forgetting to make sure they are locked is too easy.  With the Mega K6G, all those issues become moot.  The twin gate is an auto-locking carabiner with no threads to corrode over time.  Opening and closing the biner to load and unload can be done easily with one hand, even if that hand is gloved.  Even if that hand is holding a rope.  Even if that hand is gloved and holding a rope.  A flick of the thumb and you’re in business!

Using the K6G along with an ATC, is ideal.  Just use your thumb to pop the gate and your partner is off and climbing.  It does become a bit more awkward fitting into an assisted breaking device like the Grigri, but still manageable.  

While Grivel is generally recognized as a company that focuses on ice and mixed climbing, their products translate perfectly to sport and trad climbing as well.  Plus, when you bust out the Grivel Mega K6G at the base of your next sport route, I promise you will be the envy of every other climber’s eye.  No one will care that your partner bit it on that polished 5.9 when they see your smooth catch with that classy biner.  You’ll be the talk of the crag before you even hop on your first route.

For years Grivel has been one of the industry leaders when it comes to environmental awareness and sustainability.  Grivel uses only renewable energy in addition to taking several other steps to offset their impact on the environment.  And while climbing equipment like carabiners have a deep eco footprint, it pays to know that the company making the gear which protects our lives recognizes that protection goes beyond the equipment they sell.

And just in case you needed any more reason to jump on the Grivel train, or at least consider jumping aboard, climbing legend Stevie “Happy” Haston is a spokesperson.  Watching him aggressively display proper gear use on YouTube is one of my favorite ways to pass time.

The Grivel Mega K6G is fantastic.  You’ll turn heads, you’ll be safe, and you’ll save time.

Recommendation: All Skill Levels

Specs: 27Kn, 10Kn, 10Kn, 83 Grams

MSRP: $18.99


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