Green Flags

As a counter to our last list of red flags, Carrot and High-Clip offer you a list of green flags to look for in your climbing partner. With these two lists, you’ll be able to sift out the perfect climbing crew. Here are some traits of the coolest climbers we know:

  1. Remembers toothpaste while in the backwoods.
  2. Partner Checks.
  3. Shows up to the Cragie with Snackies.
  4. Brings the stoke.
  5. Rarely Complains.
  6. Doesn’t blame the route/gear/injury/belayer when they fall.
  7. Worn Out Backpack.
  8. Comes correct with the musical bangers on roadtrips.
  9. Has the ability to talk about things other than rock climbing.
  10. Has the ability to talk about rock climbing.
  11. Values the experience more than the photo of the experience.
  12. Packs out their waste.
  13. Is vocal when others “forget” to pack out their waste.
  14. Humility.
  15. Respectful of nature/the outdoors.
  16. Sings out loud on roadtrips.
  17. Knows how to make spreadsheets/use Excel.
  18. Optimism when it rains.
  19. Nalgene.
  20. Free climbed the Dawn Wall after accidentally cutting off left index finger.
  21. Values the process of making memories.
  22. Seeks Knowledge.
  23. Excited to teach new climbers how to climb.
  24. Shares their guide book.
  25. Crag Dogs.
  26. Environmentally conscious.
  27. Respects personal space and boundaries.
  28. Is more excited for their friends’ sends than their own.
  29. Announces “dog!” at each dog sighting.
  30. May have a preferred belay device, but willing and able to use/learn others.
  31. Discusses nuances in climbing ethics.
  32. Understands the difference between best practices and common practices.
  33. Fan of theDIHEDRAL.
  34. Enjoys being covered in dirt.
  35. Conscious of when the gym or crag closes.
  36. Yeti calls on every move.
  37. Understanding of their partner’s panic attacks.
  38. Patient.
  39. Carpool mastermind.
  40. Takes crag photos for fun.
  41. Hydrated.
  42. Lends gear to others.
  43. Supportive of everyone’s personal safety choices.
  44. Pre-researches the crag
  45. Wingman.
  46. Respects the sleep grind.
  47. Smiles.
  48. Communicates personal preferences.
  49. Pays crag fees.
  50. Clips high.

Again, good luck in your belaytionships to come. If you have any green flags to add to this list, please comment them below!


12 Replies to “Green Flags”

  1. “Values the experience more than the photo of the experience.” ❤ ❤ "Humility." ❤ ❤ ❤ I love this list. Most of what I want in a friend. 😀

    …and "Crag Dogs." I had one. A pit bull. She'd never climbed anything before we headed out one day. I didn't know where we'd end up, but we ended up on some boulders. Persephone (her name ❤ ) was more hyped than I was. The ONLY time I saw her happier was the first time she saw a cow. She jumped straight up in the air to get a view over the tall grass. Over and over… Too bad she didn't have a rock that day to climb on for a good view.

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