The Lightning Send

If you liked Sympathy for the Route Setter, you’ll love this new song, too. As the summer temperatures make it harder and harder to send outside, we really start to miss our old adventures more and more. Sometimes, you find a route that you just wish could go on forever.

Here is my adaptation of “The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?)” by Snow Patrol (original lyrics on AZLyrics):

The Lightning Send (What If This Route Ends?)

What if this route ends?

And I don’t climb you

As you are now

Ever again

The perfect line

Of sharp crimps and mantles

Sets you up against

The climber’s last chance

Just for a minute

The all dreaded drive-by

Chalked you up like a map

That I will follow

Now pump has found us

Like I have found you

I don’t want to fall

Just protect me

What if this route ends?

And leaves us nothing

Except a flapper

A distant pain

I want my grip slipping

I want insecure

Clip draw after draw

Until my foot blows

I want to climb you

As you are now

Every single day

That I am living

Forged in rock

All hardened sand

Be the send in me

That climbs relentless


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