Among the things that aren’t really our forte here at theDIHEDRAL is bringing new readers in with clickbait.  For those unfamiliar with the term, clickbait is a headline, bit of text, or link that is used for the purpose of attracting attention and drawing people in. Set some bait, get a click!  Clickbait is often/usually deceptive and misleading.  It sensationalizes content in order to draw readers in and exploit their curiosity.

We hope that we’ve built a platform where our readers can trust that the links we provide have an appropriate connection to the content that’s attached.  This is true to the point that the post you’re reading right now was originally called “Climb Harder – How climbing can increase penis size”.  I still think that title is kind of funny for a post on clickbait, but we felt it was too deceitful and went with the current although boring title “Clickbait”.

Clickbaiters try to cast a wide net and typically rely on the adage that ‘sex sells’.  You’ll often find that adage mixed with a secondary hook like politics or pop culture or sports or food.  You can imagine the clicks that a president and a porn star could muster.  Imagine a pop diva and an athlete seen holding hands on a secluded beach.  Guess which music icon has chlamydia?  Did you know that cucumber water heightens sex appeal?

Outside of sex you can also count on the 3 T’s to bring in the clicks as well.  Toddlers, Terriers, and Titties.

Advertisers with mountains of data can target you specifically based on your lifestyle patters, purchases, and penchants. The 3 T’s however try to hit the mark with broad strokes. With this understanding of the clicking and the baiting, I was wondering how it would look if we took our last five articles, and rebranded the titles using bait.

Our previous five posts are about a book, some reimagined song lyrics, instructions on how to get into climbing, climbing at an imaginary place with fictional people, and climbing in Nebraska with local food. Clickbait has as much to do with the cover photo as it does with the title. So, although I think the food photo and the climbing photo have some appeal, it’s probably best to switch out all five covers as well.

Let’s do some rebranding!

Is reading the new risqué?
How Music Generates Memory.
Climbing. Rock. Hard.
Lonely no more.
Can your diet affect your love life?

Those are the rebrands, each linked to the original post. As far as clickbait goes, I think these kind of hit the mark. Who wouldn’t want to click these titles and photos? Maybe clickbait is the way to go? Maybe the allure of boner pills will catapult us to the ranks of Climbing or Outside Magazine? Maybe the 3 T’s are the hook we need?

Ultimately, I suppose we’ll never know. If any post would have been fair play to throw some T’s on the cover photo it would have been this one, but that’s just not us. Here we are writing about clickbait, and instead of opting for allure we went with a lure!



22 Replies to “Clickbait”

  1. Given how Viagra is used in preventing and treating mountain sickness, perhaps “Climb Harder – How climbing can increase penis size” would not be click bait after all.

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  2. You need to get some Kardashians up there or someone else with a morbidly immense ass, “Get your fat ass up that pitch, Duck Lips!” by Megan Three Stallion “Yes! I Hauled Ass up a 4.2” Kim Kardasshian

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  3. That was a great read. Funny. Insightful too. Hashtags are kind of ‘nice accessible limits’ for myself. Not rock climbing limits. If I got ten feet off the ground I’d need that Viagra to cure the sickness as a previous reply informed us. Simplicity in your titles. Like the Fear and Loathing blog. Love the film. Loved Hunter’s Hells Angels book read way back when. Love Johnny Depp. So a simple title got me. Photos? I couldn’t make my VeeDub Bus look sexier if I tried. All the best.

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    1. Such a great comment! I was debating if I should read the Hells Angels book or not, but it sounds like you have your pulse on Hunter S. Thompson. I’ll order it today, thank you! #Viagra

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      1. I read Hells Angels and Skinhead in the same year way back in the early 1970s. So they are very much remembered for the impact then and there on my early years. What they are like now if I were to reread them? Maybe it would be good to find out. Cheers for the nice reply. 👍

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  4. click bait is really bothersome but you use to see through the tactics involved in the long run. Something playing on your emotions is probably click bait.

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    1. So bothersome! The AI directed ones are really the worst, and I think they are just going to get more and more sophisticated.


  5. I am largely not developing my brand or blog or more easily for me to understand it ‘my site’ on here as I would rather more skill at making the templates and actual posts themselves more loosely me. This leads to learning forums and training IT bootcamp sites a fair bit where the ‘Zeit’ was kinda ‘gosh’ with sort of 5,000 topics and zero chats. Certainly drawing them in has self preservation things to consider as determination to make use of the internet comes up to the wall of actual interacctivity. Response or social avenues, even business social searches and communicstions find tighter schedules of time available to then start chatting. Money too for most online is spent before the chat which is now becoming untraceable this unreal and not personal enough to be worth the undertaking. A click is a follow but not sincere apart currently from the advertisers who may reward highly I gather.

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