Climbing vs. Culture – We All Need a Therapist

Another month, another episode of our limited series, Climbing vs. Culture! With one more session to go, we addressed a very important topic: Mental Health. Join us as we discuss climbing as an outlet for mental wellbeing, our personal experiences in the community, our internal fights, and more.

Today Kait, Payson, Morgan, and I discuss a topic that is very important to us, as we struggle and sometimes thrive to find ways to nurture our mental health. Whether it is in the sport or life in general, we cover our points of strength and faults.

We are not mental health professionals and/or licensed therapists. The topic in question is discussed from our own perspective and based on our experiences.

If you are struggling and feel the need of assistance, call 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, Speak with someone today.

Join us as we cover the third topic of TheDihedral’s Climbing vs. Culture mini series, We All Need a Therapist.

To listen to the third episode of Climbing vs. Culture HERE, and on most podcasting platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.

Let’s catch up!

10 Replies to “Climbing vs. Culture – We All Need a Therapist”

  1. Far away from climbing anywhere (paraplegic with hope to come back on my feet) … I like your blog. Creating and maintaining communities in a common interest is the way to go for everybody. … Grade blaming? Just a thought from a different. I am convinced that we are born to cooperate. Grades are for competition. If you focus on enjoying every single step in whatever you want to achieve for yourself or your community grades become less important. It might even happen that one day your goal as a byproduct.

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  2. Yes. Our mental health is just important as our physical health.

    We all need an outlet of some sort at times. Whether it is quiet time alone, a hobby or activity that brings satisfaction and relief.

    Whatever it may be we must devote special moments of self care.

    Sometimes generosity towards others is beneficial to our mental health as it makes us feel good to help someone in need or to share out of kindness.

    You reaching out to someone could be their outlet- we never know sometimes. Just smiling or saying hello to someone may brighten up their day.

    To each his or her own.

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