Climbing vs. Culture – So You Want To Get Into Rock Climbing?

Let’s talk about all you need to know before getting into rock climbing to wrap up our final episode of this mini series, Climbing vs. Culture. On today’s episode we will cover what we probably should have talk about on day 1. However, because we don’t follow rules and basically rely on improvisation a lot, we decided (moments prior to the session) that starting from the beginning at the end was the most Dihedral thing to do!

Join us as we discuss jargon, the indoor climbing experience, and the sketchy outdoor ways – including Kait and Payson’s antics during their teenage years!

Thank you for joining us through this ride and putting up with our ability to veer off topic, ha! We hope you enjoyed this mini series and let us know if you’d like to hear more from us and, if so, what topics would you like us to cover?

Join us as we cover the final topic of TheDihedral’s Climbing vs. Culture mini series, So You Want To Get Into Rock Climbing.

To listen to the second episode of Climbing vs. Culture HERE, and on most podcasting platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.

Let’s catch up!

9 Replies to “Climbing vs. Culture – So You Want To Get Into Rock Climbing?”

  1. So happy someone mentioned the # 1 action we can intentionally take for mental health. “GRATITUDE” !! Thank you all for your input.

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  2. My 6 year old grandson has turned out to be a total rock climbing natural. He takes lessons and I have pics of those impossible vertical walls that he now freeclimbs. I think we’re going to camp at Joshua Tree so he can try some of those, too. My son does a bit of climbing, so I think the mountain goat gene is strong. Great post!

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  3. I went rock-climbing in a gym with school, but I was terrible at it. You need a lot of strength to climb I think.

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