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The Jetboil Flash Cooking System is truly a game changer. 

 Prior to being the proud proprietor of a Jetboil, my food for long hiking trips consisted of lots of crackers, granola, and peanut butter.  Food for camping trips consisted of items that could be cooked on a stick over an open flame, and of course lots of crackers, granola, and peanut butter.  The Jetboil opens up the door to a whole new world of culinary possibilities. I now use the Jetboil on every outdoor trip I’m lucky enough to attend. I’ve even used this little guy at hotels when I was tired of eating crackers, granola, and peanut butter on road trips. 

Coming in at less than a pound this bantam stove can easily fit into your pack/luggage/storage compartment. And though ye is but small, ye is mighty.  With the ability to boil water in 100 seconds the Jetboil Flash will have you munching grub just minutes after hitting the ignitor.

If you haven’t had the chance to use a Jetboil it may be difficult to appreciate just how significant the addition of instantly boiling water can be, but believe me it is radically significant.  With the number of prepackaged dehydrated meals on the market you can literally enjoy a gourmet feast for each meal of the day.  And even if you never once use a Jetboil to rehydrate food, the ability to enjoy a hot cup of tea at the end of a long day of hiking is like adding serenity to the serene.

Throughout the year as burn bans become more and more common, this little stove becomes more and more useful.  It’s such a bummer when you make it to camp only to find out that it’s another night of eating cold hotdogs, but if you have the Jetboil Flash Cooking System, just drop those puppies into some boiling water and warm the cockles!

Hot Cocoa, Coffee, Oatmeal, Soup, Thanksgiving dinner, the possibilities are almost endless with this lilliputian boiler.  

Some of the features of the Jetboil Flash Cooking System include a push button ignitor, a cup/bowl/measuring cup, a fuel canister stabilizer, an insulating cozy, and my favorite is the thermochromatic color-change heat indicator that lets you know when the water is ready.  It also comes in different colors, so if you are trying to fit your cooking system into your aesthetic, then you have some options.

My only complaint is that one of the color options is camo.  Green and brown are a fine color combo, but why would someone want to make it difficult to find their stove as they pack up their gear following a night of gorging on rehydrated macaroni and cheese, and washing it down with a soothing cup of Earl Grey?  If anything, the camo option should be discontinued, discounted, and replaced with the opposite of camouflage.  I’m not sure what color that would be?   Maybe unicorn milk and rainbow?  Is that a color?  It should be. And, I’m sure a unicorn milk and rainbow Jetboil would be easy to find sitting amongst the brown leaves and green grass, unlike a tiny camo colored cook stove1.

Recommendation: All Levels

Specs: .818lbs, 1 liter, 4.1”x7.1”, push button ignitor, 100 second boil time

MSRP: $114.95

Web-Site: Jetboil

  1. Jetboil offers limited edition colors while supplies last, I haven’t seen unicorn milk and rainbow, but they do have a bright green one that is currently on sale if you happen to be in the market.

14 Replies to “Gear Review”

  1. “…crackers, granola, and peanut butter on road trips.” Those of us who lived large in our dirtbag days went with CHUNKY peanut butter! Not to mention tortillas and string cheese sticks. Ah, those were the days… 🙄

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      1. We had a power outage a couple years ago, and I was living large with this little thing. Self gifting should be more celebrated for sure. Now I need to figure out what I should get for myself!

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    1. Not this one Arja, I know there are options for this from Jetboil and other companies, but I don’t have any experience with them so I can’t make a fair recommendation on which one I would go with.

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  2. I’ve owned a few stoves, like the Whisper Light, which is amazing. The jetboil’s popularity is definitely due to its ease of use. No fiddling required!

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