Crag Dogs

I think we all agree that crag dogs are the best. I mean, why else show up to the crag? They are always so happy and adventurous. This week, Carrot and I are going to live the dream and imagine what king of crag dog we’d be if we somehow became crag dogs.


If I am magically, spiritually transferred into a crag dog there are a lot of dog types I would consider if given the option.  I’d love to keep climbing so I am going to need a little Bernese Mountain Dog.  I’m also going to need some hyper intelligence, so you know we have to drop some Border Collie into the mix.  I read that the Irish Wolfhound is one of the most chill dogs out there, plus St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner, so not a bad idea to represent the green and orange!  Plus I love their wiry hair, it would be the cutest combo with the markings of a Bernese and a Border Collie.  Part of me wants to add a Corgi in there because everything looks better in Corgi, but I’ll resist the urge, I am tired of having a negative ape-index, and stumpy Corgi legs wouldn’t help that at all!  So, here is the outcome of my spirit crag dog.  Bernese Mountain Dog/Border Collie/Irish Wolfhound.  I may be gigantic, but I’d be loveable, smart, and a capable climber.  I’m pretty sure no one could resist the urge to try and hug me, but I would use that lovability to con them out of their crag snacks.  Aside from the obvious pluses of this combo dog, I love herding breeds.  It cracks me up when dogs try to corral people into the same area in order to keep watch, and so I think my Border Collie instincts of herding random climbers at the crag would provide endless entertainment for myself and all my new homies at the wall.


Being a crag dog would be the absolute best. I’d get all the humans to carry my stuff while I get snacks and scratches. Not to flex my belayer skills, but I’d no doubt be a German Shepherd. I’d keep all of my climbers safe both on and off the wall. The crew would always know that I’d protect them if anything happened. Plus, I could do so many dynos! I’d also want to beat everyone on the approach to get first dibs on all the routes, so I’d be part Blue Heeler as well (needless to say, crag dog Carrot is also going to need help with all of his herding). Just like Carrot, I would hope that both my protection and heat (such thick fur!) would earn me some treats and a nice blanket for napping. Napping at the crag is an absolute must, for canines or humanoids. I’d seek out the biggest patch of sun and set up camp there. When everyone is waiting for some dude to stop hang dogging our proj (pun intended), I’ll be taking a very restful nap, soaking up all of the vitamin D. Even more, when it’s all snowy or windy, I’ll be nice and toasty with my thick coat. I’ll be able to send without totally freezing. I might be a little too big for some of the holds, but at least I’d be fearless enough to try all of the moves!

What type of crag dog would you be?

14 Replies to “Crag Dogs”

      1. Ha, you got it! Actually, my former feral (I socialized her) cat Moon Pie would make a good “crag dog”…she is feisty and fearless and loves being up high. She will be at a fullbore run and she will leap to the top of a five-foot cat tower without even breaking stride! It’s a wonder to see her in seamless motion!

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  1. I would be the goofy mutt with it’s tongue happily out, greeting nearby strangers and sticking close to my human friend. Adorable and fun article!

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  2. Why did you have to talk about dogs? I love them so much! I could not resist this post!

    They take the lead in every sport and activity and they keep us motivated and on our toes. They would be great climbing companions who would have our backs and have us humans hanging in for a cool adventure.

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