Cragies and Snackies

Durango isn’t Colorado’s preeminent climbing destination, but that in no way suggests that Durango doesn’t have some eminent climbing.  Comparing Durango to other climbing destinations in Colorado is like comparing breadsticks to pizza.  Just because pizza is great doesn’t mean that breadsticks aren’t good.  In fact, breadsticks can be great in their own right!  Durango is the breadstick of Colorado climbing.  Most known for its trains, heritage sites, food, and proximity to great skiing, Durango is considered the happiest winter town in America.  In addition to all this, there are also several crags within close driving distance, and one crag within walking distance.  X-Rock is literally just outside of town and offers locals a diverse array of great breadsticks!  There is something for everyone, so if you like bouldering, trad, top-rope, or sport climbing, then you’ll find something to keep you moving at X-Rock!  They have everything from a 5.2 trad route called The School Room to a 5.11 trad route called Roof of the X.  There is a 3.5 Star 5.10d called Gold Wall, the beautifully named Diagonal Dihedral which is a fun 5.9, there’s even a fun V4 boulder route called Shark’s Tooth.

You have to go really really hard at X-Rock, burn all the energy you have, because from this cragie, great snackies are just minutes away.  Durango has more restaurants per square foot than any other town in the world.  I made that up, but there are a lot of great places to eat in Durango.  This is crag day, and so the modus operandi needs to be quick and delicious.  If we plan it right, then we have time to climb, eat, and climb again, and eat again!

Keeping in line with our Durango climbing metaphor, I sought out the best breadsticks in town, and I was not disappointed!

Homeslice Pizza is a Durango staple, and it doesn’t take a culinary critic to figure out why.  They use fresh and simple ingredients mixed with a fun relaxed atmosphere, that thrives on good vibes and good times.  This is pizza, and it’s supposed to be fun.  Unlike too many other modern day pizza restaurants, Homeslice doesn’t get caught up in the trend wars of pizza.

Don’t get me wrong, the food is excellent, they just don’t find the need to dim the lights and serve water in Lismore Goblets.  They have purple in the color scheme, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball machine.  The servers, the staff, the bartenders, all seemed legitimately happy to be working at Homeslice.  That disposition absolutely gets passed to the customer, Homeslice Pizza is a legit vibe!

Before we get to the food, check out this a snippet from the Homeslice website regarding their sustainability efforts…

“They (the owners) knew the worldwide outpouring of love for their Pizza (or Peace-a, as it would soon become known) would be great, so they created their business using only the most sustainable practices in the hope of furthering the use of sustainable practices, and being sustainable, in their sustainability, for a very long sustainable amount of time. Homeslice buys local products whenever possible. They use local businesses and services whenever possible. They recycle, conserve energy, and (most importantly) they make a great pie.”

As for the pizza…it’s terrific!  The freshness of the ingredients comes through, the sauce is just right,  not too salty, and not too sweet.  The dough is for real good.  Ultimately it is a great pizza that can be ordered whole, or by the slice.  On crag day I recommend just getting a few different slices to go, then head back to the X.  If you plan on sticking around for awhile, then go for a whole pizza and some libations.  They have a solid array of drafts from local breweries, and Happy Hour is daily from 3-6.  

There is a bright shining star at Homeslice…the bread!  Their breadsticks are pizzeria perfection.  They aren’t actually sticks; they’re knots which for a climbing site is kind of fitting.  The garlic, the butter, the herbs, the crispy outside and the soft warm inside, these little bread balls are pure enchantment!  They are spectacular alone, but the marinara sauce on the side just adds a level of umpf!  I’m not sure what was in that sauce, probably tomatoes mixed with magic, but I’m no chef so I’m not 100% sure.  What I do know is that after a day messing around on some rocks, these little knots of glory tasted like heaven.

Whatever your reason for visiting Durango, my advice is to avoid getting drawn in by the allure of the brick oven and the cloth napkins of the haves.  Go with goods and the atmosphere of Homeslice Pizza, go with the pizza and the pinball, go where they have knots. 

Location: Durango, Colorado. “Open Spaces and Familiar Faces”

Crag: X Rock

Restaurant: Homeslice Pizza

Distance: 1.1 Miles

  • Cover Photo: Durango Magazing

10 Replies to “Cragies and Snackies”

  1. Breadsticks and garlic knots were always some of my favorites growing up.

    And when it came to pizza- I loved devouring that crispy crust. Some people don’t eat the crust. They leave it in the plate and consider themselves finished with the pizza.

    To me, the crust enhances the experience of eating a delicious pizza. I always waited to eat the crust last but I am a bread-lover anyway!

    Great post and share of Durango, Colorado.

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    1. I agree with your assessment of the crust, bread is delicious, and crust is like the delicious bread surprise waiting for you at the end of the pizza rainbow!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hee-hee. I had to Google it. Didn’t even know that there was rock climbing there. I’ll wait for your snack and crag post until then.

    Liked by 1 person

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