Music Lifts the Spirit

   We thought it would be useful to create a few team projects along the way, and so for this week’s post we decided to make a music playlist.

The Rules are as follows:

  • Each member can pick only 5 songs.
  • Each selection must be a song that may be useful or motivational in some climbing situation. (Crux/Approach/Rappel/Etc…)
  • There can be no repeat songs.

   That’s it, very simple, and so without further ado here is our eccentric climbing playlist from our eccentric climbing group.

Section #1 Carrot’s Choices

   I’ll keep it short here and just let the music speak for itself.

Section #2 Jon’s Choices

   Whether it’s to just get through rush hour traffic or send a tough route, the beat and cadence of hip hop never fails to inspire me to get the job done. These artists have mastered a once almost forgotten art of invoking an emotional response to music through the use of descriptive imagery, metaphors, and more often than not, snarky commentary on current events and every day life. Any listener of hip hop is transferred to a different world where self confidence is the universal language and it is this message that I use to fuel my climbing to new heights.

Section #3 Sarah’s Choices

   My number one, must have song while climbing would be Eye of the Tiger. Really gets me in the groove to take on a climb I’m having trouble with. If I just really need to blow off some steam and Boulder, my go to songs would have to be Pantera’s Cowboys from Hell or Disturb’s Stricken. These two will light that fire under me like nobody’s business! Generally though, I like to listen to something like Alt-j’s blood flood or Deftones’ Lucky You to get me focused.

Section #4 Gaia’s Choices

   There is something about both music and climbing that allows us to express ourselves without saying a single word. The magic in music and climbing alike is that they can be very personal and private experiences, and at the same time allow us to reach out to others who share similar experiences.

   As always, thank you for reading.  You can find this complete playlist on Spotify (the dihedral climbing compilation), along with some alternative playlists that we put together individually.

Did we leave something out?  Let us know! We are always looking for new music to get us going.

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