Mad Rock Flash 2.0

Gear Review: climbing shoes
Company: MadRock
Product: Madrock flash 2.0
Recommendation: light wear, beginners, moderate climbing, on a budget

Today I wanted to review a pair of shoes I’ve had in my arsenal for awhile now. I got these shoes about a year ago and man do they hold up to whatever I throw at them. Lightweight and easy fitting, the Madrock Flash 2.0 are just the shoes you need for a relaxing day at the gym or even a multi pitch day. I generally wear SoILLs runner LVs for a more intense day at the gym but these sweet babies are just what I need to help me enjoy a slow and easy day at the gym.

The Flash 2.0 are in my opinion great for beginners. They have enough grip to their rubber to help those who need a little extra hand, as well as an easy fitting from the first try on that never fades. They feature Velcro straps that allow for perfect sizing for those with narrower feet. I do have to say there is one down side to these shoes.
Unfortunately from my experience and many others there seems to be a little too much space in the heal and that can cause problems.

Another upside to these shoes is the fact that if you’re on a budget and need shoes on your feet ASAP, these babies will help you do that.  While these shoes are discontinued, they are still available, and if you can’t seem to find them, Mad Rock has some amazing new shoes you can add to repertoire, or simply get you off on the right foot.  Their prices are always right, and their gear is always solid!

Upper material= SynFlex
Closure= hook and loop
Rubber= science friction 3.0
Profile= Flat
Asymmetrical curvature = low

MSPR: $83.00




4 Replies to “Mad Rock Flash 2.0”

  1. I have a pair, that I bought because I didn’t know if I was going to like climbing or not, they helped me climb all the way from 5.8 beginner courses, to 5.11c’s! I will say though, now that I’ve been two months into climbing, I feel like I need to pursue a more advanced pair! If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

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