Happy Happy Birthday !

November 2nd marks the day we published our first post and never in a million years did it cross our minds how dynamic of a Dihedral community we would create through the course of this year. This has been a period or growth, fun, and teamwork; therefore we would like to thank you for being part of this journey and for watching us grow since day 1. You have been a great supporter and we are incredibly happy that you have allowed us to be, in a way, part of your life; thank YOU.

On a nostalgic note, we would like to go back a little back in time and share with you two of our favorite posts. Because it’s always better when we are together !!! (Yes, I just quoted Jack Johnson, cheesy much ?)


Climbing with Freud 

Carrot has plenty of excellent and hilarious posts from this past year, but I would have to say that Climbing with Freud has to be my favorite.

It could be the psych major in me but I appreciate this modern approach to a conversation with Freud.

Late Night Conversations

This post just simply struck a chord in me as soon as I read it. I’ve been there; we’ve all been there. But more importantly, Gaia finds the lighter side of it for us.


The Graveyard Crew

Of all the posts that Sarah has posted so far, I’d have to say that The Graveyard Crew is my favorite.  You get a glimpse at the ferocity that is packed into an amazing woman who continually goes out into the world with the mentality to crush life!  She’s been doing it since the jump and clearly there are no plans of slowing down now!

Bodies and the Importance of Feeling

 Of all the posts that Gaia has posted my favorite has to be Bodies and the Importance of Feeling.  When you look at Gaia’s body of work on theDIHEDRAL, you see the steps taken from someone who was reluctant to put herself out there, to someone sharing some of the most sacred details of her journey.  This post is truly Gaia to the core…honest, brave, enduring!



I cannot say that I have known Carrot for long, yet I can say that our connection has been deeper than the length of the time that we have actually met. This guy right here is a being of light and reading this piece made my heart ache and smile at the same time. Coming to terms with the ghosts of our past is not easy, yet he did it with such grace I could not help but feel happy and inspired. Posts like these make me feel grateful for having the opportunity to create friendships with people like him.

The Tiny Ones are the Real Teachers

As a young single mom, reading this post made me happy and hopeful. I cannot put into words how incredibly proud I am for Sarah because parenthood is not easy. The fact that she wholeheartedly embraced this challenge makes evident how much she loves her partner and, with same importance, her daughter. It is possible to find someone that will be there for you, unconditionally.


Which have been your favorite posts from this year ?!

Thank you Thank you Thank YOU






11 Replies to “Happy Happy Birthday !”

  1. Congratulations, and thank you for being so persistent! I’m glad I found you all, and I’m looking forward to another great year of content! Keep it up!

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  2. I just found your blog over the last few days because you found mine so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Happy blogiversary/birthday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the well wishes Terri, if you find one that you enjoy, please let us know so we can keep heading in a positive direction.


      1. Nothing in my life has meant more than heading OUT there. I love that you young guys are discovering, thinking and writing about it. We’re sharing a kind of trail. ❤️😀

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