Straw No More

As our #plasticcap challenge heats up, I thought it would be good time to share a bit of info about the #strawnomore movement started in Cairns Australia by 9 year old Molly Steer.  A little girl who was motivated by a film, and set out to make an enormous impact on her school, her home town, her country, and the planet.

Her web-site can be found here.
Her TEDx can be found here.

Challenge accepted Molly, Thanks for the motivation!


Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 6.01.51 PM
theDIHEDRAL team


13 Replies to “Straw No More”

  1. Kids in our city, Wheeling, WV are following suit. Fifth graders wrote letters to all the local restaurant owners asking them to ban or reduce straws in their establishments. They are the future! 🙂

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  2. Amazing! Thank you for sharing this. That’s the way forward. It’s so important to raise awareness and to say ‘no’ to single-use plastic items. Beginning with straws is a great start. Plus it is a child who starts such a project it means that she has learnt something much earlier than we did.

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  3. This is awesome info. Need to try out something similar as my bit. And thank you for liking #100DaysOfUrbanRomance. Hope you will like the upcoming chapters 🙂

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  4. I wound reusable aluminum straws. They came in a package of like 6 and it included a brush to clean them with. I think they were made by Camelback. Norwex also sells them in a kit.

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    1. I absolutely love learning stuff like this and how creative people can be to help us be more environmentally responsible. Who knew seaweed could work as a straw?! Amazing. There has been a company making biodegradable ‘plastic’ food containers out of corn. Corntainers is the clever name they came up with. I wonder if they are still making them.

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      1. We need to look into that as well, when we challenged ourselves to go plastic free for a month, we were able to learn so many useful alternatives to everyday plastics, but the seaweed straws felt just like plastic straws.

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      2. I’m going to try teaching the Cub Scout Den about all these amazing choices. Thank you so much.


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