Adventure Heals The Soul

Anxiety and videos are two things that are constantly on my mind.

I have struggled with dealing with anxiety and depression for over 4 years now, and it has been a rough journey.

Nature, and specifically rock climbing, is something that consistently pulls me out of my own head and into something better. Something that heals.

theDIHEDRAL has always operated with the goal of raising awareness for rock climbing, in hopes that people who need an escape may find it there. So, finding other like-minded people/blogs is encouraging. There are others who feel the same way we do. There are others who have been saved as we have.

“Adventure Heals The Soul” is the perfect name for a blog/video focused on using the outdoors to combat anxiety and depression.

I wanted to share this beautiful video with you today for three reasons.

1. Because the topic is personally near to my heart

2. The topic is very in line with why we here at theDIHEDRAL do what we do.

3. It’s a fantastic video

Videos are another thing constantly on my mind. I have been consistently pursuing videography for 5 years, and I can tell you that a lot of work went into this video. Don’t take that for granted!

After watching infinitely many big-budget movies and TV shows, so many people forget that independent video creators are all typically self-taught. There was no budget for this video. Only a message that needed to be delivered, and a self-taught individual with a few open windows after work.

Anyway, let’s let the video speak for itself. Created by Natalie Rhea,

“Adventure Heals the Soul”

Check out the entire “Adventure Heals The Soul” blog HERE!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did.

Casen (Co-writer)



13 Replies to “Adventure Heals The Soul”

  1. If I was physically able I would love to do rock climbing. Unfortunately, I have an official diagnosis now of charcot-marie-tooth disease and it’s hard enough just to do regular hiking. I finally was able to climb a small mountain yesterday after recovering from a broken ankle. I don’t even think I can do rock scrambles anymore and I used to love them.

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  2. Beautiful video! Definitely looks like you’ve worked on it for awhile. I love the idea of adventure therapy. I feel like most of us get so involved in our daily lives we don’t make enough time to just enjoy the little things and explore. Nature grounds us.

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  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been struggling with climbing injuries myself for nearly a year now, so I totally get ya! There’s a quote I really love about mountains and mental health: “mountains aren’t therapy, but they are therapeutic”. Not a complete substitute for other treatment avenues, but there’s definitely some healing force we should be harnessing there! 🙂

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  4. Thanks for sharing Casen! Nature is definitely an amazing place to get back some energy and calm down. Climbing, hiking, riding, even just running, I agree with you it feels like healing both the body and the mind.

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  5. This comment could easily become a book! I loved the video and the story. I am a Photographer, Writer. Blogger. and this is something that has touched my soul.

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  6. I’m not a mountain climber, but I LOVE the outdoors. I grew up camping and hiking. This reminds me why I miss it. Being in nature is always the answer that heals my soul.
    The video and article are beautiful representations of why getting in touch with nature equals getting back to self ❤️

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