So iLL Men’s Denim – Black

From Class to Crag in Class!

I’m not a fan of denim. I live in one of the hottest muggiest cities on the map.  The temps are consistently above 90F/32C degrees, and the humidity is consistently above 90 percent.

I was looking for a new pair of pants that I could teach in, and then head directly to gym/crag to climb in. I needed something that looked nice enough to keep the school administration off my back and stretchy enough to throw that high heel into a drop knee without ripping the crotch.  Our team member Gaia bullied me encouraged me to try the So iLL Black Denim’s, I obliged.

Full Disclosure:  We have been supporters of So iLL since their kickstarter campaign back in the day, as evidenced by our So ILL dry pak review, and The Kick review.  Based on our past experiences with So iLL I was pretty excited to see how these pants would feel, despite my contempt for denim.

I ordered, they arrived, I tried them on, and never wanted to take them off.  These pantscould be worn as a pajama, that’s how comfortable they are.  NO LIE! But, not only are they the most comfy pants I own, they do the job they’re built to do. 

What follows is my 1stday experience wearing the Men’s So iLL Black Denim’s.

6AM: Wake up get dressed – Have you ever worn air?  These pants are like putting on air.

7AM: Prep for my classes (test day) – I had to keep looking down to make sure I was still wearing pants, they are so comfy it literally feels like someone stole your pants.

8AM – Noon: Giving tests – Nearly every student complimented my outfit.

1PM: Called into the dean’s office – “Carrot I called you in here to tell you that those pants are fire”

1:30 – 4PM: Grading – I’m not saying and I’m not not saying that these pants are magical, but every single one of my students received a 100% on the test.

5PM: Gym – The music stops as I walk in and a single file line forms to greet me and touch my pants. It’s like a post wedding procession congratulating the union between man and pants.  It was awkward, but we recognized that we were loved.

7PM: Hop on the proj. – My fingers were slipping on one last throw to the finish, as I began to fall, I caught a glimpse of my So iLL Black Denim’s, and like Charlie Tugboat in the children’s classic Charlie Tugboat’s Final PushI found a way to hold on and send…call it what you will, I call it PANTS!

9PM: Off to bed – I mentioned they could be worn as a pajama, and so it was!

That was just Day #1. Since then, these pants have seen me do everything from bouldering splitters along an old highway to feeling like I’m first class while sitting in the middle seat of the 28th row on Spirit Air Flight #NK906 from IAH to DTW.

These pants are sincerely the most comfortable pants I have ever worn, whether you are a climber or not, I promise the So iLL Black Denim’s are for you!


Thank You So iLL for changing everything I ever thought about denim, thank you for changing everything I ever thought about pants!!!  Thank you So iLL for changing everything!


Recommendation: All People All Activities

Specs: Custom metal work, 2-way fit-to-stretch denim, Classic five pocket design, Classic contrast stitching, Custom interior pocket print, Vintage style wash.

MSPR: $84

Website: so_ill_logo


  1. I don’t understand why they are called pants, or referred to as a pair of pants, there is only one thing. We don’t call a shirt ‘shirts’, it’s just A shirt.  If someone wants to claim that they have two legs, I don’t buy it, a shirt has two sleeves.  I claim the same thing about a pair of shorts and a pair of underwear.  We aren’t talking about a pair at all.  The difference between a PAIR of shorts and a bathing suit is negligible, but only one of these articles of clothing has quantity agreement.  I motion that we refer to pants as pant moving forward, this farce has gone on long enough!
  2. There is no such thing as Charlie Tugboat’s Final Push, there is no such thing as Charlie Tugboat I made it up. Children’s books make for great analogies, even if they don’t exist!


15 Replies to “So iLL Men’s Denim – Black”

  1. As a UK citizen all I have to say is “Pants!” and giggle, for they’re worn under jeans and trousers (and yes I know it’s an American thing) but “Pants!” (still giggling inside). At least I didn’t say “Knickers!”

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    1. I am so happy that you said this, I have a friend who is dual citizen between Spain and US. He was just telling me that when he would spend his summers in Spain, he would often sit in on english language classes, and be the focal point for english conversations. He mentioned that every time he’d say pants the english teacher would correct him and say trousers, then immediately disregard his barbaric english as faulty American slang. I think I need a European re-write! Trousers!

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  2. Okay, I’m confused. First of all, I love jeans that feel comfy and classy, if such a thing exists and I think it does. However, are these actually men jeans or just called men jeans, because you mention something about “that high heel into a drop knee”?

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    1. Hahaha…the high heel to drop knee is a climbing move. But I will say that while this is a men’s jean, they also make women’s clothes that I’m sure you would LOVE!

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      1. I realized that after I posted. It’s been so long since I’ve climbed that the term totally swooshed over my head. lol

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      1. Ooh that is a great point, perhaps if you pick the right time of day? Maybe the early morning crowd at Planet Fitness, will be up on the latest So iLL style?

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