Nina Williams TEDx CU

One of our favorite climbers (Nina Williams) talking about one of our favorite topics (Failing). TEDx does it again!

Nina Williams  is a professional rock climber. She has sent some of the hardest and highest boulder problems in the world and has recently spoke at her first TEDx in Boulder Colorado just prior to receiving her Bachelors in Communication.

Huge Congrats to Nina Williams, and all the 2021 Graduates out there!

2 Replies to “Nina Williams TEDx CU”

  1. Something I have learned… I no longer hike to get to a place. If my hike’s purpose is to achieve a goal, as i get older there are fewer and fewer places i can reach. Instead, I hike as far as I can within my limits and even if i don’t get to the “official” end of the trail, I get to my own limit and that is MY objective.

    It is like a rock climber saying, “My purpose is to go as far up this thing as I can and then fall.” Dit it that way and the fall isn’t so scary. it is anticipated. If you do it long enough, you may be disappointed that the rock face wasn’t challenging enough to make you fall.

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    1. Fred, this reads as such good advice. I think finding limits as we age is pretty scary for a lot of people, myself included, but looking at things from this perspective really seems like the best approach. Thanks for the thoughts, they are great!

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