When was the last time you played M.A.S.H? Have you ever played M.A.S.H? If not, you are missing out. Essentially M.A.S.H the most widely accepted omniscient/prophetic data tool mankind has ever known. Primarily used by middle schoolers as a means by which to know the most intimate details of their future life. The underlying goal is to acquire knowledge of a future that may or may not include one’s crush.

M.A.S.H is an acronym for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, and House. These are the four possible living quarters for the petitioner of M.A.S.H clairvoyance. The powers of M.A.S.H although primarily employed by minors are however open and accessible to all.

All you’ll need is a sheet of paper, a pencil, a collaborator, and a few lists limited to four bullet points. The topics of the lists are not set in stone, but generally include things like future job, future partner, future car, and future pet, etc. Once the lists are complete, one person is selected to go first. That person will close their eyes while their accomplice draws a spiral. Once compelled by the divinity of M.A.S.H powers the person with closed eyes will tell their partner to stop. The number of segments in the spiral are then counted to determine the enchanted number. If for example the number is seven, you would begin by counting down the bullet points of each list, whatever you land one once you get to seven would then be crossed out. That option is now closed. From there you continue down the lists, and when you reach seven again, you must cross out another option. When only one option remains from a particular list you circle it, that option is now locked in as your destiny. You continue this way until there remains only one option from each list. At this time your destiny has been reveled and you can move on with certainty regarding the key aspects of your life!

So Carrot what does this have to do with climbing or anything else?

I’m glad you asked. I went ahead and made M.A.S.H template for you to figure out the rest of your life. Of course, I also added a climbing component. Feel free to modify the template to accommodate your lifestyle. You can check out my results as well. I look forward to trad. climbing out of my shack in Ketchikan, AK, with my thirty kids, and pet porcupine!

May serendipity smile upon you!

Climbing M.A.S.H template
Carrot’s future!

21 Replies to “M.A.S.H”

    1. You writing this…immediately brings that song back into my head. I remember watching that show with my dad as he would fall asleep in his chair.

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      1. Dad falling asleep in his chair after long hours of work. That’s a memory so many of us have. The belief was that a man’s primary duty was to do whatever it takes to provide for his family and his own well being was so far down the list it wasn’t even secondary.

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  1. This brings back the memories. I didn’t get the celebrity husband or the mansion, but I’m pretty happy with the rest that MASH got right.

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  2. I literally spent like 20 min making a MASH board on Canva the other day for a 90’s dirty thirty party I’m going to this weekend.

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  3. Fascinating. I had no idea! But many years ago I did the string-and-needle pendulum to find out how many kids I would have, and it proved to be entirely accurate. Thanks, Carrot.

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