Cragies and Snackies

Cragies and Snackies originated primarily for three reasons.

  1. We wanted to shine a light on some crags and restaurants that are a little off the radar.
  2. We wanted to offer hungry climbers an alternative to Energy Bars and Gatorade after a climb.
  3. We really like climbing and we really like food.

That being said, I wondered if there were any walls that were clearly developed for and by hungry climbers.  Turns out there are!  It’s strange, because there are somehow more food themed walls than I thought there would be, and at the same time less food themed walls than I thought there would be.  Unfortunately, most of the food themed walls have very few routes.  There is the Food Truck Wall in Puerto Rico, Finger Food Wall in Colorado, and Angel Food Wall in Nevada, but I landed on the Fast Food Wall in California.

There are only twelve routes on the wall, but Fast Food Wall is part of a much larger climbing area less than an hour from Lake Tahoe called The Emeralds.  The Emeralds have over 200 routes of all styles including deep water soloing, trad, sport, and bouldering.  This beautiful mountain setting is part of the Tahoe National Forest land and includes primitive camping as well as established camping at the Lake Spaulding Campground.

The routes at the Fast Food Wall are all sport climbs that range in difficulty from 5.10c to 5.11d.  They also range from 60-100 feet, so make sure to bring enough draws and rope!  The rock looks beautiful, and the views astounding.  So, what are the names of the routes?  I’m glad I asked!  Where’s the Beef, Big Gulp, All Beef Patty, Please Pull Forward, Twice Cooked Whopper, Fries With That Mantle, Super Size Me, and In And Out Urge.  There are a few more routes, but I wasn’t sure what they had to do with food, so I left them out.  

Fast Food Wall is the cragie…what about the snackies?  Well, if you want to stick to fast food, the nearest spot is Burger King.  And sure, you could go in for a twice cooked Whopper after climbing Twice Cooked Whopper, and that would be a mildly entertaining anecdote to add to your treasure of life experiences, but why not drive a measly 51 minutes (44 miles) to Lake Tahoe and enjoy the culinary wares of Spoon Restaurant?

Spoon is all about flavorful high-quality ingredients used create fresh, delicious food prepared with love.  Gourmet comfort cuisine served in a laid-back atmosphere with a little something for everyone!

They offer a beautiful menu with plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options.  For my money I would go with the Poached Pear-Mac composed of poached pears, fresh herbs, macaroni, creamy gruyere/sharp white cheddar sauce and parmesan.  Followed by the Dark Chocolate Medallions for dessert.  Chocolate ganache, coconut and almond crust topped with a touch of sea salt.  At this point I know it’s a little more than a snackie, but when in Rome Tahoe (do as the Tahonians do?). 

Not only is the food divine, the story of the chefs/owners is such a classic tale of romance that even the most dark-hearted among us would be vying for Cupid’s arrow or Cupid’s spoon as it were.

So, Spoon chefs Zhee Zhee and JC who are married and have been together for over seventeen years met long ago while working at an extravagant restaurant in romantic San Diego, California.  It’s a classic tale of working in the kitchen and turning up the heat.  There was chemistry between the two and everybody could feel it, especially Zhee Zhee and JC.  The way they would stare at each other from across the kitchen while JC was chopping lettuce and Zhee Zhee was prepping the pasta station, it was magnetic.  Their careful flirtation had gone on for months when the egg finally cracked.  JC shouted “behind you” as she carried a large tray of fresh mozz covered in pesto, but Zhee Zhee couldn’t get out of the way fast enough and her hand grazed his back right between the shoulder blades.  Strong and soft, that was all it took for an unhindered libidinous awakening.  The tension became as thick as the California smog, but not a word was uttered.  Until one night when Zhee Zhee had to step into the walk-in to gather some bone marrow, at that same moment that JC had to grab some fresh cut arugula.  That moment, together, alone, surrounded by nothing but perishable food and frost a move was made, magic was created.  It was mutual, their lips locked as two became one.  A kiss that became known in San Diego food scene as The Changing Tide.  The Changing Tide inspired a new generation of walk-in refrigerator romance all along the California Coast.  The kiss that bonded these two, and a kiss that is re-created each night at midnight in the Spoon walk-in fridge.  It inspired the entire menu, and rumor has it, The Changing Tide inspired little know programmer named Bill gates to invent Microsoft.  

Now, I’m not sure if much of this is true, but Zhee Zhee and JC are married, and did kiss in a walk-in while working in San Diego.  Also, the Locotopos sound really good!

So that’s it, the Fast Food Wall and a trip to Spoon.  Cragie and snackie made in refrigerator heaven!

Location: Lake Tahoe California “The Ocean in the Sky”

Crag: Fast Food Wall

Restaurant: Spoon

Distance: 44 Miles Away

6 Replies to “Cragies and Snackies”

  1. How interesting! Almost makes me want to become a climber just to be able to say I climbed In and Out Urge and Twice Cooked Whopper. Someone has a fabulous sense of humor! I guess I could work up a hunger watching everyone else climb so I’d have an excuse to eat at Spoon Restaurant. As a romance writer, I (Kellye) love a love story, and Zhee Zhee and JC’s story is certainly one for the pages of a steamy… er frosty novel. I am enjoying following your posts!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much Kellye…if you ever want to write a romance novel centered around climbing, let me know, it would be fun to think about. Also, in the novel you would have the chance to name all the routes, which would be such a blast.

      Liked by 1 person

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